In this blog I tell about my smoking habits. I smoke hand-rolled cigarettes with 50% rolling tobacco and 50% pipe tobacco. The function of the pipe tobacco is mostly to add robustness and flavour to the cigarette. There is a wide variety of pipe tobaccos, each having its unique flavour, whereas all rolling tobacco tastes more or less the same. Rolling tobacco has three functions:

* Improve burning. Some of the pipe tobaccos do not burn well on their own in a cigarette.

* Make the cigarette milder so that the smoke can be inhaled. Most of pipe tobaccos are considerably stronger than rolling tobaccos.

* Reduce the price.

And yes, I hand-roll the cigarette without using any kind of a machine. It’s the best way since all kinds of machines make too tight cigarettes, and a tight cigarette and pipe tobacco is not a good combination.

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