4 comments on “How to roll a cigarette by hand

  1. I’ve rolled my own since back in the early seventies, and I usually use the Rizzla papers in the red pack. That paper is so thin that you can roll the cigarette finished before wetting the paper, the moisture will penetrate both layers of paper and the glue. You usually get a better looking cigarette that way.

    • That idea of first rolling the cigarette finished and then gluing it is interesting. Have to try it.

      I do not know what red Rizlas are around there, but at least here they are on the thicker end of rolling papers. At least both OCB black and OCB white are both thinner than red Rizlas.

  2. There are not many different types of rolling paper for sale here in Norway so are unknown to me. What you usually have to choose from is Rizzla red blue and silver. Strange really, as there are quite a lot of people rolling their own here.

  3. Hi I wanted to say thanks for liking a post. My husband use to make his own smokes long ago before he met me .He doesn’t do that anymore but your blog is cool:)

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